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Playing at parties is great fun and our musicians love it.  However they get frustrated trying to play at low volume whilst getting people to dance with a traditional band lineup.​

So we all sat down together and thought through how to construct a full live band, that sounds great and can really perform, but without having to tread on egg shells to keep the noise down.

The answer was The House Party Band – a lineup of incredible musicians, tailor-made to party at significantly lower volume.

This untraditional but very effective lineup has been fine-tuned and hits each gig with the sensitivity and intensity to get the mood just right and the dance floor full every time.​

An added bonus is the load in and set up time – it takes only 30 minutes or so to install and sound check the band.




We have replaced the drum kit with hand percussion – and with a great percussionist this means nothing is lost in terms of groove.

We also took away the bass player – as the bass frequencies are those most responsible for noise complaints.  The bass lines are instead played by our fantastically talented keyboard player which keeps the sound funky, whilst reducing the rumble.

Finally in the horn section, alongside our fabulous tenor sax player, we have replaced the trumpet with the harmonica as a less brassy and somewhat unexpected second horn.

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